Foto by Jason Weaver, 2017

Foto by Jason Weaver, 2017

It’s one of those
hot summer sun
blowin’ bubblegum
fun rubbin’ butter cups
on kneecaps,
flippin’ bottle tops,
sippin’ chin-drippin’ ice-pops,
lickin’ cotton candy sticky
fingertips, sour pucker
cherry soda lips,
pixie stix,
rubber hose-spritzin’
green grass slip ‘n’-
slidin’ bare-feet
banana-seat bike ridin’
fickle flick n’ tickle,
first kissin’ reminiscin’
kind of days.

By Jason Weaver, 2017

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Summer Ends


Summer ends
and swept in
by the tail
of the pale warm winds
a regret….
that we had failed

that we never tried
or maybe

we tried too hard
to have it all
and never saw it
for what it was
or could be

by Jason Weaver (2013)

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