The Dance

Through haze of crowded room
my clouded eyes aloft
set gaze upon soft face
in shrouded glow of whom
I’d ever recognize–
We had denied good-byes
and sundered long ago–
So oft I’d wondered
“Will I never know again?”

 Lo here you are at last
my friend, how near
yet far cross vast and
teeming floor you stand–
We’ve chance once more
to dance this lambent eve
and deem lament reprieve–
Let us join in joyous reunite
“Glorious be this night!”

 Buoyant delight propels me
past the fray of swelling gather
with no way of telling
whether you’ll abide–
The sway of wondrous urge
impels me to your side–
Thunderous surge inside
drowns all sound but words rehearsed
unpursed lips slip apart

 Eyelids flick open wide
at first tide of early dawn
our moment gone
as dream cedes to wake