Like the Butterfly, So Must I

Original Acrylic Painting by Jason Weaver 2015

Original Acrylic Painting by Jason Weaver 2015

Seek the sun
not where it burns so bright
in the heavens above
but rather
in the warmth of its light
that it shines upon
the earth below.

by Jason Weaver, 2015

Original Painting, Borboleta na Floresta (2015), acrylic 70x100cm, by Jason Weaver.
In loving memory of my Aunt Janice
, thank you for all that you gave me.


to face

LoveMoreStudio butterfy

in the street, yesterday
when i saw you see me
walking double-quick
past the fruit stand
tucking in behind
the old man,
from his wrists to his
twisted feet
nearly knocking him down
with the shiny round apples
that fell and
rolled into the road
and his scruffy brown mutt
that yipped
when I kicked its hind leg
in my double-paced
haste to

it wasn’t you
whom i was running from
hiding from
not wanting to face

it was me

by Jason Weaver, 2013

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Winter’s End

A summer sun burns
at winter’s end
and arid wind gust
churns dust the bitter scent
of lust and longing
to belong

But mere emptiness
is sent in this seering glare
bestted to sweated
bare flesh
adhering to wounds fresh
revealing where
steeling sad grows

My tender heart yearns
return to concealing shadows
lain in dark fallow
to render the pain
in vain surrender
but I resist
at this winter’s end

Picture Replete


Developing under
the quiescent foliate umbra
I’d unfurled viridescent
from the enveloping
cocoon that festooned me
and emersed free
into fulgent mid-day clarity
but exposed
an uncomposed image
And through the eminently empty
aperture vast to seek
a picture replete at last
I peered
to capture what appeared
had been amiss
and has since evinced
the visage
of a new

My Friend

My friend,

So much time has come to pass
since the day
I saw you last, and yet
you are always with me
in my thoughts and my dreams at night
the years having undiminished
a friendship left unfinished
So young then we were
so crazy
those aimless days we
drove our cars too fast to care
the endless roads that lead to
nowhere but
to us
in those moments so profound
we found
a friendship, one that
after all this time has passed
since we’ve known each other last
I still think of
in day dreams and sleep
and wonder if you, too
keep the memory
the way I do
of you
my friend