Just the Photos

Having visited several other blogs that combine photo imagery with writings as well as some amazing blogs meant simply to display photography, I wanted to create a more visitor-friendly page of photographs only– and only photographs taken from my regular blog posts. For now. It hadn’t originally occurred to me that someone would NOT want to read a poem when looking at nature photography. But it is a conclusion that I have recently arrived at by my own perusing of the web. As it turns out, sometimes I just want to look at the photographic body.

Nearly all of my shots are taken with a Canon Powershot Digital Elph, SD1400. I have access to and use a Canon Rebel DSLR, but for sheer versatility climbing around and digging in dirt, I prefer the pocket camera. I use Photoshop CS4 to process my images.

And so, I’ve spoken too much already. Here are the photos without the accompanying poetry.


9 thoughts on “Just the Photos

    • Thanks so much! I remember that moment in the Dusk to Dark photo– such a magical feeling! I appreciate the great feedback– been feeling uninspired lately, and your comment is a much needed reminder that I just need to get out there. I’ll check out your page as well! ~ peace, Jason

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