Just the Paintings

On this page, I will display my most recent paintings, all acrylic on canvas. For more information about my paintings, please go to my artist blog: Jasonweaverartist

A quick history…

I’ve always painted…but I’ve just never been a painter. Fits and starts, trial and error, a painting here, then a drought…more important things like work and school consuming all of my time and energy.  The phrase “I want to be…someday” had for so long been a phrase of mine that it seemed time would erase all possible predicates. It is often most difficult to understand in ourselves what we can so clearly see in others, that to be something or you must do that something. A certain leap of faith must be made, that when you pursue a dream, you must surrender to the consequences (failures and successes) of that pursuit. We often speak of the “starving artist” and this concept required fully grasping and then getting over for me to finally begin my life’s art pursuit. And so with much ado, I am now the artist, the painter, I always said I wanted to be. I’ve only just begun and I have no higher hopes than to simply paint for my own pleasure and that somewhere along the way, others too will enjoy my work enough so that I can sell a piece here and there to fill the belly on cold winter nights. There is no going back now.

Here is what I’ve completed since this journey began in earnest. Thank you all for being a part of it, especially those of you who have already helped put food on the plate. ~ peace, Jason


9 thoughts on “Just the Paintings

  1. well, these are phenomenal works of true art, the sunrise painting is, at least to these eyes, an inspirational work and good for you, it was commisioned. what a validation that must have been.

    if you could, are they done in acrylics, oil, both maybe? i used to mix oils and acrylics when i painted, created some very interesting textures and highlights..

    • Thank you so much for your kind words…
      Sunrise and the Ocean was commissioned by my Aunt Janice– thankfully, as I grew so much as an artist during it’s completion. I work only in acrylics, at this time, because in life one can never say never. I hadnn’t considered mixing the two, I bet that gives some interesting results.

      I appreciate very much your heartfelt feedback ~ peaceful week, Jason

      • you are most welcome, and maybe i can live vicariously through your pursuit of being and living as a painter, it was my early dream too. *smiles*

        the mixing of oils and acrylics can start with either as the base, but usually i wotud begin with oils and use acrylics as a highlight after the oil was dry. sometimes i would mix the two when they were wet, which would create unintended textures because the oil/water base is not compatible.

        i admire what you are doing, immensely. please keep us updated on any new work you’ve completed.::::peace::::

        • I’ve been meaning to experiment more, and you’ve given me some good ideas to add to some others that I have.

          I truly appreciate all of the wonderful sentiments that you’ve included in this discourse. I will certainly show any work I do on my blog– I have two panels on easels right now. Thank you so much for your positive energy 🙂 ~peace, Jason

  2. Jason these are amazing. The water, the flowers, how you have captured the essence of each. I used to paint in oils, but haven’t touched a brush in so long. My hat is off to you, one amazingly talented individual.

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