Critical Breakdown

No, not the emotional type…as an artist.

Recently, I have wanted to provide MORE than just the picture-poem as it is. This blog is MORE than just a scape to roam without structure, although the reader need not contribute more if they so wish.  My style may not be available to everyone, and so I hope to provide some insight into my process. In a sense, I am hoping to LOVE MORE.

Additionally, I was hoping that I could encourage some critical feedback of my work, photographic or written. I realize that in this digital world, we are all so very busy all the time, and the idea of critically evaluating someone else’s work is more food for thought on a plate already overflowing. Yet, I have found, by offering real criticism to others’ works, I am able to grow myself.  By offering words of constructive criticism, you may discover new ways of looking at your own creations.

And so, here I will attempt to critically breakdown my own work. Please feel free to offer feedback,  negative or positive. Just please keep it constructive so that we may both learn new, better ways to speak to the world through art. Let us LOVE MORE together.

You can select a photo-poem under this page link to read my breakdown.

Thanks so much! ~ Jason

Inner Sanctum– Critical Breakdown.


Please feel free to comment or offer critique

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