as I see it…

no more
to and fro-ing
no doubt will keep me
second guessing
deeply messing with my
not this time

I go in

As I See It

Author’s Note: Poetic response to a fun, semaphoric (140 character) riddle prompt by Samuel Peralta tonight at Dverse poetry pub– check it out!
Update:  The photograph above is rotated 180º to show the water as it would look if one dove in head first– like in the words above, “as I see it…” diving into LIFE without further ado. ~peace, Jason


Reconstruction Time Again

I built upon a hilltop
where the sun shone brightest.
But here I dried to brittle sticks,
and by the slightest wind,
I was reduced to bits.

by Jason Weaver, 2013









Author’s Note:  The above poem, 140-character semaphore, was inspired by Samuel Peralta’s prompt at dverse poetry blog, check it out here!  The photo was taken of a house here on the mountain top that was left to ruin. I couldn’t help feeling as though, in my own “home”, it is reconstruction time again. The title is the name of a Depeche Mode Album.