Foto by Jason Weaver, 2017

Foto by Jason Weaver, 2017

It’s one of those
hot summer sun
blowin’ bubblegum
fun rubbin’ butter cups
on kneecaps,
flippin’ bottle tops,
sippin’ chin-drippin’ ice-pops,
lickin’ cotton candy sticky
fingertips, sour pucker
cherry soda lips,
pixie stix,
rubber hose-spritzin’
green grass slip ‘n’-
slidin’ bare-feet
banana-seat bike ridin’
fickle flick n’ tickle,
first kissin’ reminiscin’
kind of days.

By Jason Weaver, 2017

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Leaflets– acrylic on canvas by Jason Weaver (2014)

They closed the doors
for the final time that day
to the ol’ café, you know

I worked there once, years ago
and it hadn’t much changed since the time I left, nor
much at all since well before I’d ever arrived —

a presence of permanence inside
those walls, I can yet recall a swell of laughter from behind the bar
— a grand echo of gufFAW-haw-haw-haw

and a steady clonk of heavy-heeled shoes that fall
upon the well-worn wood floorboards– the boss
tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok

a rush–
through the open entry an endless crush
of patrons, and waiters, and busboys who hurry by
passing in and out, in and out, in and out, in

and out of a place that is no more, since
they closed the doors
for the final time that day to make way

for change.

by Jason Weaver, 2014

Original Artwork by Jason Weaver, Leaflets (2014), acrylic on canvas, 70x120cm

Poem dedicated to all of my friends and colleagues at the Van Dyke Café, whose closing played on my mind while painting this week. Ultimately, I wanted to convey a sense that change is neither good nor bad but a necessary component for our understanding of the world– repetition broken by change allows us to see events in new ways, to grow from them, to break free of them or to embrace them further. It is a sentiment that is both nostalgic for the past and hopeful for the future–and no amount of change of place can take away the friendships that we created during that time. Thank you all for the memories ~peace, Jason

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