Witness to Splendor

Foto by JasonWeaver 2020

Shimmering blue,
the sky rang out
like a thousand crystal bells,

and I knew it to be
the most beautiful color
I had ever beheld.

By Jason Weaver, 2020

A second verse, 
Witness to Splendor (verse II), is found hereThe two poems recall two different scenes, at two different times of the same day, separated by a couple of hours in time and distance traveled by foot.  Yet however separated, where one necessarily follows the other, they speak to the same continuous day, the same afternoon walk along mountain roads, the same revelation of splendor, and of course, the same witness. 

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24 thoughts on “Witness to Splendor

  1. … “the sky rang out like a thousand crystal bells”… wow, what a line. I wish I could have witnessed what you saw… it must have been so beautiful. A most wonderful poem.

  2. Nice. Love the beauty of the sky. Nice mix of senses too making the sky ring out.
    Went up on the incline to the top of mount washington yesterday here in pittsburgh. What a beautiful view. The sky ways a brilliant blue with a few white puffs of clouds and the city laid out like a picnic blanket.

    brian mlller

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  4. There are those days when we breathe in the excellence of the moment, our oul rejoicing. Well portrayed.

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