A Puddle, A Bus, A Remembrance of Us

foto by jasonWEaver

Rainwater has soaked
within the soles of my
waterproofed boots
+++++++ (darn these cheap boots! and
+++++++ they were expensive, too!)
as I am with my trusty umbrella
thrust in one hand while the other
is in the air hailing a bus
that never bothers to slow
even though I stand in the spot
most clearly marked
Another is bound to be
not far behind and so
I await in the hour of rush
where I am going nowhere fast
and alas, I have nowhere to be
but home.

Alone in the mass
of sullen silhouttes
that pass me by, I
fix my eyes upon a puddle
formed in an overflow drain
where the showering rain
ripples across the top,
and lights from the nearby shops
draw circles around the drops
that provoke me thus
to reminiscence, back
to that fine night
in the late spring of ’89,
how we got caught in a rainfall
as we roamed about town
walking back to your home,
how we laughed and
skipped and shook
the branches of soggy dogwood
until we soaked ourselves
clean to the bone
of our youth.

Quite suddenly, then
I am back to the now
in a flash as a bus has stopped
with a puddle-busting splash
and is hurriedly awaiting me
to climb aboard and flee.
I close and fold and shake
my wet umbrella well
and with fresh rain upon my face
I step up to the entry where
to the expectant driver I say:
“Thank you! How long I’ve
been waiting to go home!”
Turning on my heel, I bound
both feet into the street,
leaving the bus behind,
my mind full of nothing
but a yearning to feel,
to walk home once again
in the falling rain,
to sing and to laugh
and let the water soak
within my soul
the secret calling
of life.

By jason WEaver, 2017

With a special dedication to an old friend, Elizabeth Miller. However much time and miles have come between us, I will always remember learning how to love walking in the rain that night with you.

Linking up to dVerse Poet’s Pub for Thursday night’s Meeting the Bar using irony in poetry.


17 thoughts on “A Puddle, A Bus, A Remembrance of Us

  1. Nice story Jason ~ Good for you to walk out in the rain and live in the now as the present is only what we have ~ Hope you have a good weekend ~

    • Thank you Sabio — I was indeed surprised to find myself recalling this moment from so long ago in such an unassuming manner. And the feeling was powerful! A wonderful weekend to you ~peace, Jason

  2. this is a wonderful journey in the past and present…’ a bus / that never bothers to slow / even though I stand in the spot / most clearly marked / BUS STOP!’ this made me smile…

  3. What a wonderful experience… I think we all have those memories.. Myself I remember the strong wind and rain a particular evening with my lady… I wonder if I should invite her to a November stroll down by the harbor.

    • Thanks Björn — I suspect the weather is intricately woven into our emotions. And as for the stroll, two words of advice — do it! ~ may the force of mother nature be with you.

    • thanks Singledust — I had hoped the irony worked and am glad you saw it. I like to write of ways to be so that I TOO remember to do things differently! Have a great weekend, ~Jason

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