The Forgiving Room

Original painting by Jason Weaver 2016

Original painting by Jason Weaver 2016

I peeked inside after I’d found the door —
How could it be that I’d never seen it before?
A door to a room that I’d never known was there?

Yet there it was, a door with a light of gold
streaming upon the floor from below,
the key I turned with ease.

Within, the glow of a warming peace
did embrace and offer unto me its grace,
a gift that only I could have given unto myself —


I locked the door behind me as I left,
the key I tied on a string about my neck
so that this place would I never forget.

The Forgiving Room.

by Jason Weaver, 2016

Original painting, Capucine Flowers (2016) acrylic on canvas, 90×120 cm
The poem was inspired by a Sinead O’Connor song, The Healing Room, from the 2000 album Songs of Faith and Courage which I listened to endlessly while painting the Capucine Flowers.