Luminous Flux

palm Jason Weaver LoveMore Studio

Photo by Jason Weaver, 2014

Somehow,  I’d worked my way
deep into the narrow cleft.
Pondering out into the darkness,
I mistook the empty for the profound,
obscurity for certainty.

But in the silence of this nothing,
I heard the respiring tones beyond.
Wandering out from the shadows,
I stretched open my palms to grasp
at conviction in sunlit spires.

By Jason Weaver, 2014



A Plea

Photograph by Jason Weaver

Photograph by Jason Weaver

How can it be,
as it so often seems,
that I am felled at the shin
by a mere whip of the wind,
fallen to my knees
at the slightest of breeze?

“Not again,” oh please,
not again.

By Jason Weaver (2014)