Margaritas Brancas_Jason Weaver


Threads of sleep quickly slip
between wistful fingers in my mind.
I squeeze tight my flitting eyes
against the tide of conscious intrusion.

But the last still frames of dream scenes fast unravel.
What a mere moment past
seemed to me so blissfully certain
is now illusion
dispersed in sunlit pools that seep in
from behind the curtain.

I awake.

I rouse to blink away the gauze
that has draped me in morning drowse.
I awake to rhythm of my breathing
to the burn of thirst in my throat
to the burst of life that wells up
beyond these man-made walls.

I am awake.

by Jason Weaver, 2013

Painting, Margaritas Brancas, by Jason Weaver 2013, acrylic on canvas (70cm x 100cm)

Linking up with DVerse poetry blog for OpenLink Tuesday night– a day late but that’s nothing new. Stop by and read some great poetry 🙂 ~peace, Jason


20 thoughts on “Awake

  1. smiles…there are days like to today i could stand to slip back below that gauze for a bit of rest…up way too early…either that or if i could fully awaken…nice capture of this process of emerging…have a great holiday–have fun in the studio

    • Thanks Brain! It’s a trade-off, the comfort of sleep for the oft-times starkness of wake, and yet it is this very comfort that keeps us so numb, so unaware of the world. Living here has awakened in me so very much. And just like in the painting, there is much beauty to behold. Take care, J

    • I’d wanted to think upon that exact moment when we pass from sleep to wake, that we all experience every day and yet rarely take the time to ponder– and how metaphorical waking is to what is important in this world ~ thanks as always, nice to hear from you. Peace, Jason

    • I’m so glad to hear that– my intention was to convey mood and emotion through the flowers depicted here. I often say that “god” is in the details and therefore I work diligently to reproduce them ~ thank you as ever for your kind words of support. Enjoy the day~ Jason

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