Chasing the Moon

A Lua e a Mata by Jason Weaver_LoveMore
In my younger days,
I chased the moon with a hunger
in pursuit of love and lore.
So far away they seemed,
beyond my every reach–
that soon I starved
in the dark abandon.

I am older now, matured
cured of disillusion
having learned that love
is a not a place that I can seek
not a desire that I can feed
but rather, a way to be — content
and grateful that wherever I go
when I gaze up into the night-time sky
the moon will always be there
to light my way.

by Jason Weaver, 2013

Original painting by Jason Weaver, A Lua e a Mata (2013, acrylic on canvas)


14 thoughts on “Chasing the Moon

    • Hey thanks so much, Noah. This style– or styles, as the case may be– is a bit of a departure for me– including some new techniques as well as tried and true ones. Discovering my way, one stroke at at time. πŸ™‚ ~peace, Jason

  1. Hi Jason, I’m a bit perplexed why I haven’t stumbled over you before, as a fellow poet, photographer and traveller. Your site is certainly a strong burst of colour, of bright energy and life itself… And the very open attitude to the way you work will, for sure, help you to blossom further as you should… This piece caught me on this first visit (there will be more for sure, now…) with its straightforward lyrical approach to issues I myself hold dear and, as the ancients knew and understood much better than us, Venus is very significant and blesses us too with its own knowing glow … All the Best to you Jason and I look forward to some on-going creative dialogue with you, now our two (similar it seems to me…) creative paths have crossed. With Love & Light Scott

    • I appreicate very much your kind words, Scott, and am so glad that your light now shines on these pages. Spending most of my time in the painting studio now, I will be posting less often– but perhaps, more meaningfully (to me). Yes, please, let us continue a creative dialogue, as one can never have enough of it in life. Peace to you, Jason

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