Chasing the Moon

A Lua e a Mata by Jason Weaver_LoveMore
In my younger days,
I chased the moon with a hunger
in pursuit of love and lore.
So far away they seemed,
beyond my every reach–
that soon I starved
in the dark abandon.

I am older now, matured
cured of disillusion
having learned that love
is a not a place that I can seek
not a desire that I can feed
but rather, a way to be — content
and grateful that wherever I go
when I gaze up into the night-time sky
the moon will always be there
to light my way.

by Jason Weaver, 2013

Original painting by Jason Weaver, A Lua e a Mata (2013, acrylic on canvas)



Abask in the certain awe
of a midday Spring sun,
I draw tight my pale-gray eyes
to curtain the blinding bright.

For here, behind optic folds
ignites the familiar brilliance
of pinks and reds that arc and blend
to blues and golds

and bend my very senses
by their presense–

+++++melding spectral density to birdsong melody
+++++and winsome winds that brush against me to gilt intensity,
+++++infusing my mind in pigmented propensity

+++++Until at last

+++++I am thoroughly subsumed within hot cherry-hued chromatic notions
+++++contemplating waves of sunrays on vast daydream oceans.

by Jason Weaver, 2013

Author’s Note: Inspired by colorful ideas at DVerse Poetry Pub...and by sitting in the garden, which is endlessly healing.

Daydreams by Jason Weaver