A quelling balm of quietude
besots me with the virid scent of
peaceful plenitude
permeating with dewy essence
an imponderous presence of
aromatic resplendency
sodden in vapors
of drunken tranquility.

by Jason Weaver ~ 2013

Original Acrylic on Canvas, White GInger Lily, by Jason Weaver 2013.




The nearer I approach upon the truth,
the better aware that I become.

–Jason Weaver, 2013

Author’s Note: Original artwork, Enlighten, by Jason Weaver (70×100 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2013).



Her eyes,
like glassy black pearls,
are open.
I know now what I
should have done last night–
that and tuck under
her paws, like in sleep
because by morning
the stiffness is making it
quite cumbersome
for her to neatly fit
into the hole we dug,
and now earth
has fallen into her wide eyes.

But it is too late for that now,
so we cut flowers
and fill her grave
with the loose cool dirt,
each handful
an honor to all life,
by serving in death.

By Jason Weaver, 2013

Author’s note: Pearla, a friend’s dog, fell into a heavy sickness that fortunately did not last long and she passed on Sunday night. I was with her in her final moments and helped to bury her the next moring.   I feel it is so important for us to honor life by serving in sickness and death. Whether animal or person, all living beings share the same ultimate experience, cessation of life.  Rest peacefully, Pearla.

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