as I see it…

no more
to and fro-ing
no doubt will keep me
second guessing
deeply messing with my
not this time

I go in

As I See It

Author’s Note: Poetic response to a fun, semaphoric (140 character) riddle prompt by Samuel Peralta tonight at Dverse poetry pub– check it out!
Update:ย  The photograph above is rotated 180ยบ to show the water as it would look if one dove in head first– like in the words above, “as I see it…” diving into LIFE without further ado. ~peace, Jason


40 thoughts on “as I see it…

    • You hit it on the head, so to speak, Brian. So often in my life, the fear of taking life straight on has held me back, prevented me from diving in the deep end. I wanted to create for myself an inspirational piece so that when I waver and doubt, to remember to just dive on in. Thanks ever for the comment, ~Jason

    • Thank you, Victoria– you’ve assuaged some of my concerns– the flow is a bit different for me. Normally I take time to work on my pieces, but this one I pulled together (think of theme, find photo, edit photo, write verse, edit verse) in just a couple of hours…not an easy challenge, but hey, just dive on in, right? ~a peaceful evening to you, Jason

    • Ha! Well, as long as you DO eventually get in ๐Ÿ™‚
      There is another quality, though, an enhancement of the enjoyment gained only through the experience– like how a mountaintop view is so much more beautiful when you climb on foot rather than drive to the top.
      Thanks so much for coming by to comment ~peace, Jason

    • Hi Truedessa– yes! I’ve lived both ways– safely, little risk, little reward; adventurous, with greater risk and greater enjoyment of the world. I think I’ll take risk….thanks so much for the compliment and coming by to say hello ~peace, Jason

    • Muito obrigado, Samuel. Excellent prompt, I enjoyed the restriction of the semaphore as a way to wrangle in all the extraneous thoughts and pinpoint the sentiment. Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚ ~Jason

    • Thank you– yes, I tried to include a sense of determination, I’m glad that came through– it’s as though there is no other choice, you know?
      I appreciate the comment ๐Ÿ™‚ ~peace, Jason

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