Starry Night

Starry Night

we stared into the unbearable
darkness at being so
unloved, so
lonely and alone
even between us we were
with our heads hung low
we stood dressed in black
to show them all the
grief they gave us.

we slept in your room on the floor
and wrapped our selves
in sullen sheets,
where we found solace for our souls
in the woeful words of sad songs,
each lonesome lyric
we assumed, somehow,
meant to save us.

But tonight,
as I gaze between the lights
of a starry night sky
I think once again of us
and I wonder
how we had not understood
that the love and the care
we had so desperately cried for,
longed to die for in
those hours of dour
had always been there, so full and alive
because all that had we ever really needed
was us.

by Jason Weaver Β©2013

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Author’s Note: Dedicated to my friends from so many years ago…I never knew the love we shared…but because of you, today, I see the light in the darkness ~J


Also: After publication, I changed “woe” in the final line of the first stanza back to “grief” which I had in my original draft, and removed one word. ~J


62 thoughts on “Starry Night

  1. oh i really like that much….so sensitively written and love that in the end you see that it was always there and it was enough to have each other…sometimes we only see it in hindsight… sorry for the loss but glad the lessons you learned during this time still live on..

    • Thanks much for the comment, Claudia– I’m glad it read as “sensitive”– I was trying to capture the feeling of that time, how “sensitive” we were in our emotions, thoughts…I was sending out this message into the stars to those friends from so long ago, hoping that we’d all learned the lessons πŸ™‚ ~peaceful eve, Jason

  2. it is so easy to overlook what is so close sometimes…and we have this picture in our head of what it should be that clouds us to the same reality…nice unfolding of this in your words….

    • Thanks Brian– the awkwardness of adolescence compounded by sadness plays tricks on the heart and mind. I suppose there is an element of posturing, as well– not wanting to see the truth in front of us, not willing to accept that ‘this is what it is’, holding out for that “double decker bus [to] crash into us..”–so glad to be older and happier πŸ™‚ ~J

  3. The phrase “sullen sheets” is so lovely and so descriptive of the way one feels when young – wanting approval, not realizing yet that it truly is one own’s life at issue! Very well described. k.

  4. Ah, sometimes in retrospect we recognize what we had not recognized at the time. Sad to think back and realize it is too late. Really well written poem.

    • Thank you Mary, I appreciate the comment– you are right. And it’s as though poetry were meant just for these moments– to ruminate what we once could not see. ~peaceful evening, Jason

    • So likely true and an interesting view– that in order to fully appreciate something, whatever it is, we can no longer be in it. To rephrase the saying, “You can’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” ~thanks for the great comment, Jason

  5. Jason, I don’t care for the overused word awesome…but this leaves me in awe. The photo and the poem touch deeply. Why can’t we realize what we have when we have it. We seem to be made to always want “more.”

    • We are such small creatures in such a big beautiful world, I suppose we are sometimes incapable of understanding it all.

      Thank you, Victoria, you comment means so much. A peaceful week to you! Jason

    • “to refind what was never lost”…ah, what a way to say it. And “lost” is THE appropriate word for the sentiment, I may use it in further writes if the nostalgia for those times returns to me, to explore the pains of adolescence again. Thanks for the inspiration and the lovely comment…~peace, J

  6. Hey πŸ™‚

    a great expression and such a strong sense of the debt we can owe to others
    as we go along, brothers sisters . . . lovers: ma and pa etc. the runs of our ladders
    climbing time. nice write!

    • I’m glad that you found in this piece the “debt”– I felt this all along when I wrote it, WHY I wrote it. There was a group of us, friends in gloom to whom this poem is dedicated. Thanks! Jason

  7. ….if all love can bring change in a good way then how wonderful it is to be loved & to love & you’re lucky… coz not all love can give you the end result you want to achieve… but then love is not to blame… it is always us who often fail to love unconditionally…. smiles… i enjoyed this… thanks…

    • Thanks Kelvin–you’re right, love is not to blame but us and our own inabilities to appreciate what we are given, to in turn be the lov”er”, the giv”er”– It was only in the body of lights, the stars in the night, did I see how much love was always present. Peace, Jason

    • That it does.. I suppose as it is impossible to go back, we must go forward with our new understandings of what it is to love our friends, that is, love as an action verb. ~peace and thanks for stopping by, Jason

    • Therein lies a sort of painfulness to that truth– for aren’t we then rejecting the love/friendship that is offered? Oh the follies of our youth/// thanks much for commenting πŸ™‚ ~ peace, Jason

  8. Jason – thank you for this, your thoughts and feeling fell into the words you chose. Growing and ageing we discover things that perhaps in our younger years we weren’t aware of or cared very little for. Consoling oneself is required in whatever form, for sadness or misunderstanding events in our ‘past’ lives. Sensitive and beautifully written Jason – Thank you and take care.

    • I’d been listening to music from ‘those’ days and was struck how different the words sound to me today– we so oft hear and see what we want and expect to see. And yes, you are so right– consoling oneself is necessary to move on. Thank you so much for you kind remarks. A peaceful transition to you as well ~ Jason

    • Thank you Pamela…there was something in the stars, the way they’d hung together that reminded me of friends, eternal friends. I’d hoped to reach out to my eternal friends with a message of peace. Have a wonderul eve, Pamela. ~J

  9. Wonderful poem…and a great reminder to recognize the love that is around us today, rather than realizing we had it after it is too late.

    • Today, yes– writing this poem of the past certainly made me look at my current friendships and love with greater affection. Oh the power of writing! ~ thanks so much for the comment πŸ™‚ J

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