A ruddy flush of desire
transpires at a lingual brush
against my tumescent temperament —

+++our complex convexities
+++enjoined in floral osculations ;

+++our particulate articulations
+++engaged in moral postulations;

+++our exuberant protuberances
+++engorged by oral oscillations;

Come, let us lust
in this rubescent essence,
thrust in the dense
of euphuisitic locution.

by Jason Weaver, 2013

Author’s Note: Linking up with dverse Poet’s Pub for Tuesday Open Link Night— stop by, share a poem, and see what other poets in the blogosphere are doing!


48 thoughts on “desiRED

    • Kelly, your comment encapsulates this moment that I’ve been pursuing in my mind– indeed, I have been working as well on paintings of flowers, and I just kept coming back to the sensuality– the sexuality– of flowers, of poems and words and conversations, of the color red– and wanted to put them altogether. Thanks for the insightful remarks ~peace, Jason

    • Thanks, Brian– I think the indented area is where the meat of this piece is, at least I hope…my intention with the showy words was purposeful, indeed, a crux of the poem::turn me on with language, use your tongue to build my ego, let’s engage our brain lobes with flowery words, let passionate “articulation” be our exchange, our back and forth…I hope it worked that way, at least. peace, Jason

  1. i share this passion for flowers with you Jason, i was a landscape designer for 10 years and easily the most rewarding way to make a living.

    i love reading word combinations that i would never think of putting together, that indented section is just a buffet in syllables, my friend.
    really outstanding poetry.

    and lastly, i have to admit to being a little jealous, all this time i thought she desiRED me. *wink*

    • haha! Desire, jealousy, what a dangerous combination.

      Thanks for the gracious words– despite the racy overtones, really, this poem is ABOUT desire in/through/of/with/about/for language, intense communication and interaction…how satisfying a good connection can be– and how words facilitate that, flowery-showy words in all their glory. This flower, btw, is one of my favorites!

      Thanks ever for the wonderful exchange~Jason

    • Thank you, True— I’m glad my intention bore fruit; that the sensuality of the flowery language was an imitation of the flower itself, which uses her own beauty for propogation as well. ~peace and smiles, Jason

    • ha! yes, I had some reservations that a dictionary might be necessary…I used to read a blog writer who introduced many new words to me and I loved running to the dictionary to find them. Alas, I wonder if others enjoy that as much as I do…Thanks for stopping by ~Jason

  2. Finished reading before I grabbed a dictionary (online!) so I had only to look up one word, euphuistic. Knowing the meaning of eup,,,THAT word, all the others made sense! Enjoyed my trip here, Jason!

    • Glad you enjoyed! You were spot on– I think the meaning of the poem clarifies with knowing “euph…” Perhaps I should put a footnote? Alas, running to a dictionary seems like more fun!

      Thanks so much for coming by the blog and commenting, ~peace, Jason

  3. Hey, Jason…Your poem – fun challenge for me…not my first language…but Google-transl. – not familiar with couple words too…
    Sometimes use descriptional technique too…and love sounds…a lot! ~ ths for visiting my blog ~ :)x

    • I never thought to check how Google would translate…I think I shall do it for fun. I love when words roll from the tongue– glad you enjoyed, and thanks for stopping by. ~Jason

  4. Well for a poet I’m pretty sure I should have known what some of these words even were but I didn’t lol. However upon looking them up I understood and enjoyed this πŸ™‚

  5. ha – love the wordplay on desiRED and hey…there’s a knot in my tongue now from all the special words you wove in… luscious indeed..ha…smiles

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