to face

LoveMoreStudio butterfy

in the street, yesterday
when i saw you see me
walking double-quick
past the fruit stand
tucking in behind
the old man,
from his wrists to his
twisted feet
nearly knocking him down
with the shiny round apples
that fell and
rolled into the road
and his scruffy brown mutt
that yipped
when I kicked its hind leg
in my double-paced
haste to

it wasn’t you
whom i was running from
hiding from
not wanting to face

it was me

by Jason Weaver, 2013

Linking up with Dverse Poet’s Pub for Tuesday’s Open Link Night– I’m a bit late, as per usual, but you still have time to stop by, submit, and read up!


22 thoughts on “to face

    • Thanks Brian– there are times when facing ourselves, our complete selves, both halves, the good and the bad– is trying. I am working to incorporate the full complexity of my thought and emotion in my writings and paintings. Acknowledging being the first phase πŸ™‚

      Thanks ever for the feedback, Jason

  1. A great scene you created–a snapshot? πŸ™‚ I think we can all relate to those times of running from ourselves. A wonderful twist ending, too!

    • This piece is an amalgam of moments– memories, daydreams, real and imagined– and always, in the end, it was me hiding from my own doubts. Thanks for the great comment, Sara. ~peace, Jason

  2. Magnifique! Always a pleasure to read your art- one of your many talents. Love it! Missed you lots btw 😘

    • You too! I was hoping you’d drop by…I’ve been staying off the Face as much as possible…too much nonesense that clogs my channels πŸ™‚ Love you, kiddo and thanks for the coming by the blog. ~lv, Jason

  3. I could feel the pace in the lines the need to escape..almost like a panic attack within the verse..the ending was killer ..I don’t think we can out run ourselves..

    • Oh, so glad you could feel the pace– No, you are correct, we never can outrun ourselves. Sometimes it takes overturned apple bins to recognize that we are running, though. Thanks for the insightful comment~ Jason

  4. Loved all the visuals you shared here. I could picture the scene vividly; and the ending – running from oneself – so often it seems we do this, but that is a race we can never win!!

    • I realized that I do this more often than I’d like. The market streets here in my city are always full of people, so it was a visual easy for me to conjure up! Thanks for the nice comment, Mary. ~peace, Jason

    • You are right Claudia– it is more difficult to face ourselves in front of certain people– those we care for most? Some things to ponder upon as I work today. Thanks so much for coming by to comment ~ peace, Jason

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