In Detail

Leaffrog- LoveMoreStudio


by each darkened crevice
within the simple
of each complex curve
in each dimple
of mottle-spotted skin
on leafy rolls
and pleated folds
of the taupe hued flinders
and fingerly-toes
within the wetted crag
of a residual rivulet
by each omniferous facet
of each sandy grain

in detail
is revealed quite the same.

by Jason Weaver, 2013

Author’s Note:
This piece was inspired by and written in response to a poetry prompt at dverse poets pub, called, Are you Listing? The concept of the poem is a list, in this case, a list of descriptive characteristics revealing the frog in the photo...Are you seeing? These are the very same characteristics that keep the leaf frog hidden and safe from predators. In this piece, I had wanted to explore this duality (what conceals can also reveal), as well as that details are the main tool for poets and artists to reveal– emotion, imagery, a story, truth…


24 thoughts on “In Detail

  1. Love the details you have captured (fingerly-toes made me smile) ~ Concealed or not, you have described the picture well ~ Happy weekend ~

    • Funny that sometimes the words that give you the most troubles get lost in the muddle, yet ‘fingerly-toes’ came so easily, so firmly, without hesitation and it seemed to ground the piece. THanks as always for your sincere comments, a great weekend to you as well ๐Ÿ™‚ J

  2. thats a pretty neat looking frog…nice use of the list to get in the details on this one… taupe hued flinders
    and fingerly-toe…is nice description but also rather fun to say…smiles.

    • Thanks Brian– this particular frog is the single example of it’s kind that I’ve been able to spot here. I suspect there have been more, I just never looked closely enough to see them. cheers, Jason

    • So glad to hear that there are other frog lovers out there. Most people just say ‘yuck’ but I don’t know how anyone could look at this amazing creature and not see anything but the beauty of nature! peace and happy weekend– and thanks much for the comment! J

  3. Love those fingerly-toes–all the details that reveal the frog so clearly and cleverly (flinders!! I had to look it up). He is one cool dude. Thank you for sharing him, and your words.

  4. Jason, I really like all the rhymes and near rhymes and alliteration and echoes and cool sounds. sounds that blend and mimic, as the frog with its surroundings

  5. what conceals can also reveal…true that…and yes, as a poet the little details are important to make people see the bigger picture…very cool piece jason

    • Aha, you understood this piece completely. Glad to know that someone saw the bigger picture which I was conjuring– thanks as always for the great feedback. Happy weekending, Jason

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