With heavy
graphite strokes,
the day was drawn-
in the starkness
of shivering gray.

by Jason Weaver, 2013



14 thoughts on “Gray

  1. nice…
    makes me think of winter…more stark days…
    but then anyday can carry that grey
    all in how its painted…or sketched…

    hey the list prompt is open until midnite tomorrow so if you’d like you can do one for tomorrow…saw your comment and just letting you know…

  2. i particularly like that it is in the starkness of those leaden colors that it was drawn, somewhere just beyond actually seeing for sure. lovely sketch.

    • Great feedback, thanks so much. And to clarify, the image IS a photo that I took– however, I was at the time drawing a tree in pencil for a separate project. The two ideas, the awful gray-rain day and drawing a tree came together in a way that my photo seemed to capture. Thanks again! ~Jason

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