On Time



just as sparkling
autumn afternoon
dims to darkling dusk
and shadows spill
like ink to fill soon
the cusp of forest shallows…

the token limits of time upend
and I sink into a blend of broken minutes

where every blink
is a profound existence
instantly bound to infinite instance

where every inhalation
is an exaltation
to the culmination of


where every beat of my essence
stutters and stretches the seconds
to repeat
and reveal
this persistent presence of present
no real delineation of time from self
merely the constant
continuation of

by Jason Weaver © 2013
inspired by and dedicated to my friend Claudia Bustamante

Linked up with the OpenLink Poetry Pub at dVerse-– check it out! every Tuesday for some great poetry reading


21 thoughts on “On Time

  1. where every beat of my essence
    stutters and stretches the seconds
    to repeat….beautiful…love the peacefulness…the blend of broken minutes..the being in the now…so precious

  2. You do like the play with words, don’t you?
    Almost as if you can taste them.
    Also like the grouping of your photos in the righthand column.
    very enjoyable visit.

  3. nice…i like your inhalation and exhalation of now….like breathing in those broken moments you know…finding my center and peace….it is interesting time, being a wholey human construct…

    • Thanks Brian…yes, although I hadn’t directly alluded to that idea in the poem, I kept thinking that the clock and it’s many divisions is our own creation– one that controls us and often prevents us from seeing “now”– Jason

  4. Jason, I really like this. NOW is all we have. And yes, every blink is a profound existence. We just have to keep reminding ourselves of that now and then. (Nice meeting you here in dVerse, by the way!)

    • Thank you, Mary. Yes NOW really is all that there “is”– and our understanding of ourselves is so intimately linked with time, I couldn’t help but feel that we must realize ourselves in the now. And nice meeting you also! 🙂

  5. I didn’t expect nothing BUT unique perfection, cluster of your beautiful thoughts turned into words. Thank you Jason. Time, to me, is an amazing mystery of moments we experience then shed and continuing doing through life. Big big hug my friend. I shall return the favor with my own version of what it all means to me. You, the ever constant arteest 😉 love love

    • thanks kkkkaty–whenever I feel overwhelmed, I use the “now” to remind myself of what is important at this very moment– and then realize that I can do this whenever, since now is merely a continuation. 🙂

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