My awareness clings
to the glossy sheen of pluvial wetness,
gliding upon the glistening foliate wax
and riding rough the tree trunk bark;
touching the cool silk of flower petal tips
to the warm skin of my face and parted lips,
letting the rainwater enter my mouth
and tasting of the perfume, bitter on my tongue,
forming yet another layer of awareness
on the surface curves of my mind.

by Jason Weaver 2013

Author’s Note: Β This photograph was taken a few years back, on a rainy day at the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon.Β 

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28 thoughts on “Surface

  1. nice…props on using pluvial and foliate…ha…love sensory stuff and rain is def the tops of the list…the soft flower petals on skin…another very nice touch…surface curves of the min is a great line as well jason…

    you took the pic? what a great capture….love twist of the tree and the colors are really nice…

    • As always, thank you Brian for your feedback. We’ve had so much rain and I’ve been working diligently on a painting AND I just finished a wonderful James Baldwin novel— all of these which seemed to heighten my awareness of how ideas rest on surfaces. Anyway, yes, I took this photo awhile back and have wanted to use it forever. The curved branches reminded me so much of the ‘curved surface of my mind’– peace, Jason

    • Thank you, Noah! Good to hear from you– I hope to have the good word in a week or so. I had to laugh, when I went to submit the paperwork, the office was under renovations and all forms were in a locked cabinet under a tarp. πŸ™‚ ~ peace, Jason

  2. Lovely – rain waters the earth, excites the senses (though sometimes depresses :o]), brings new life (and sometimes destruction) and creates your wonderful words.

    Love the tree – although not a ‘hugger’ I do so love trees – natures finest invention.

    Anna :o]

    • Thank you, Tony. I realize that as I am working like mad on a painting, how aware I’ve been of surfaces– I really wanted to convey this sense of touch. I appreciate the comment πŸ™‚ ~ Jason

  3. there is something very sensual in this piece….from the caress of the rain to the awakening of the mind….as stunning a write as the picture that inspired it.

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment– I couldn’t help but feel that these surface sensations were also forming on the surface of my mind. A strange sensation, one I’m continue to experience– maybe because it’s still wet outside!! ~peace, Jason

    • Thank you hobgoblin. I’m so glad to know that it is clear– I had written a big mess and cleaned a lot up, cut, cut, cut. As always, I appreciate you critical feedback πŸ™‚ ~peace, Jason

  4. riding through the tree trunk bark…touching the cool silk of flower petal tips…parting all the touch and sensory details…such a very cool pic as well…

    • thanks, Claudia! This has been a sensory kind of week for me, so much…dampness, everywhere, it coats every surface, everything we touch and see is wet. Ah, living in a subtropical forest! ~Jason

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