Summer Ends


Summer ends
and swept in
by the tail
of the pale warm winds
a regret….
that we had failed

that we never tried
or maybe

we tried too hard
to have it all
and never saw it
for what it was
or could be

by Jason Weaver (2013)

Author’s Note: Tonight and every Tuesday, join dverse Poets Pub for open poetry night 🙂


23 thoughts on “Summer Ends

  1. smiles…we do have a way of making things a bit more complicated than they need to be eh? smiles…summer love as well…always seems to disappear with the season….

    fixed your link @ dverse

    • Thanks much– I was inspired by James Baldwin’s novel Tell Me How Long The Train’s Been Gone-– wherein contrary concepts are used to convey a single sentiment, which is exactly how this moment plays out. ~peace, Jason

    • Thanks hobgoblin for the critical feedback– I’m pushing myself to say more with less. I greatly appreciate when fellow poets tell me what works and what doesn’t–thanks again. ~peace, Jason

  2. and never saw it
    for what it was
    or could be…that’s the heart for me here… we rob ourselves sometimes in expecting perfection or expecting it the way we think it should be…very cool

    • I have been guilty of just that many times– that my very attempts at perfection, to bend the situation to what I expected it to be, were what, in fact, spoiled the moment, the time. Thanks much, Claudia! ~peace, Jason

    • Thank you, Grace 🙂 I love writing about the seasons– we have such a special connection with them, with their beginnings and endings matching those of our own relationships. ~peace, Jason

    • Thanks Alice! Yes, indeed, this feeling is so close to me now, of leaving, of a soured promise– and as the light from the sun has changed, I couldn’t help but marry these two ideas in my head, that it was the end of summer, all right, and the end to a time that simply hadn’t worked as planned. 🙂 ~peace, Jason

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