White Lilies and Grass

Lirios Brancos e Capim--2013 by Jason Weaver

In the ambience of this estival morn
I’d ambled, with eager pleasure,
to a sunlit patch of unshorn greens
cast amid the forested hill
and dewy still from the night just passed,
where capim grass grew as tall as lemon trees
and vines of a floriferous kind had wound themselves
down the length of an overgrown garden path.
Illuminate leafs rolled off the tall Cassia above
falling to the matted floor
like bits of confetti gold.
Though not sultry, the air, warm and humid,
was imbued with a heady bouquet as sweet as honeysuckle,
the ambrosial scent of abundant wild white lilies.
An eurhythmic cadence of mating cicada
undulated afore me and through me
as birds sang gaily of daybreak and
from across the ebulient valley a horseman
who had set his herd to pasture on the mountainside
called in zeal
++++++++ “Hyuh! Hyuh! Hyuh!”
I leaned into a bramble of esculent berries
where I plucked the ripest-reds,
each one pressed to my palette with my tongue and held
as though I were making memory–
–a confluence of touch and taste
of sight and sound
of smell–
that would pass as quickly
as it had come.

By Jason Weaver

Author’s Note: Lรญrios Brancos e Capim (White Lilies and Grass) –2013 by Jason Weaver, an orignal painting, acrylic on canvas

Also: This photo-poetry post has been submitted to dVerse Poet’s Pub, a great place to share poetry! Check it out!


24 thoughts on “White Lilies and Grass

  1. oh man….love your nature touches….the walk down the path…the flowers the berries….each touching a different sense to me…as you summarize in the end of this…def a sense of place….well played….

  2. Exquisite nature…I love the sights, scents (sweet as honeysuckle) and taste of this moment ~

    If you painted this lovely image, you are a gifted one ~

    • Thanks so much, Noah. This is poem that I will visit and “clean up” a bit– I wrote it relatively quickly compared to the others. And whoever buys the painting– IF anyone buys the painting– will receive an original poem to go with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again! ~ Jason

        • Thanks greatly, Noah. I love to hear that you appreciate my work.

          At this moment, I’ve simply been responding to individual inquiries. I prefer a more personal approach, a one-on-one negotiation of sale. I currently have 3 pieces available. I am working on a fourth and then plan to create a separte page to my blog where I can show them in greater detail. However, I hope to strike a good balance where my art can be shown and enjoyed without it feeling like a “store”. I am open to any ideas and suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚

          If you are interested, either seriously,casually, or curiously, please feel free to email me at JasonWeaver07@gmail.com. I’d be happy to provide details.

          Again, thanks for your comments and support– I really do appreciate it all. ~peace, Jason

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