Sunday Over Easy

I plan to have no plans on this plan-free day.
That once breakfast is made (pancakes and eggs),
the dishes washed, clean sheets hung-out to dry on the line,
the dogs are walked and the cats are fed,
and a few weeds are pulled from an overrun flowerbed,
I shall relax, undisturbed,
with nary a heed for what or when
except to briefly tend the garden before the midday heat,
picking the ripened tomatoes, squash, and beans (they do not wait),
watering the carrots and corn, and fixing the broken gate.
While there, I’ll casually snap a photo or two,
something simple, uncomposed, not too thought through
patiently awaiting the perfect spontaneous moment
to give it a look of simple ease,
while beneath it will lie subtle light complexities.
And then I will rest, eyes closed, and I’ll doze
with a book, an easy read, paperback perhaps
or one with historical facts on Rome or better yet a weighty tome
that’ll split the atomic hairs of superstring theory.
No cares, really, I shall peruse the thing lightly,
as leisurely as I will amuse the rest of my day.
No poems to write (save this easy piece),
No work to attend,
just a quick mend to a tear in the knees of my pants (three pair),
the needle (already) threaded.
And maybe, just maybe, if I am so inclined (and not too far reclined)
I will begin a new painting, the brushes (already) wetted,
then to swiftly sweep the leaves off the roof’s eaves,
and dinner (of course) and dishes (again)
then off to bed by ten
as another easy day is over, unplanned.

by Jason Weaver

Sunday Over Easy







Author’s Note: Despite the incorrect date I’ve stamped on the picture, this photo was indeed taken today, the same day the poem was written and posted, January 6, 2013.

I am submitting this piece to the OpenLink Poetry blog dversepoets here on WordPress, Tuesday at 3pm EST– a good chance to check out other poetry!


16 thoughts on “Sunday Over Easy

  1. an unplanned day would be nice…sounds like it is filling with plans a bit…but if it is only things you want to do…well we will call it unplanned….ha…i am sure it will be enjoyed…

    • Indeed– it is a piece of contradictions. It became a contradiction in the first line…”I PLAN to have no plans…” and proceded to be full of contradictions, like ‘patiently awaiting a perfect spontaneous moment’ and ‘, an easy read…superstring theory’ etc. In fact, there was nothing ‘easy’ about this day, although hopeully it read that way– contrarily. Thanks! ~ Jason

    • Thanks for reading– I’m glad you picked up that line. Although this poem DID come to me more easily than some of the others, I tried to layer it with contradictions so that it is more complicated than it reads. Not sure if it worked. I meant it to be similar to the comparison that I make to taking the photo–

      “something simple, uncomposed, not too thought through
      patiently awaiting the perfect spontaneous moment
      to give it a look of simple ease,
      while beneath it will lie subtle light complexities”

      That, for both poem and photo, I worked hard to make them more complex than they appear or read. Anyway, thank so much for the comment and letting me ramble on πŸ™‚ ~ Jason

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