Ah, Vesperal Beauty


‘Tis twilight
here while I write
in the wooded garden glen.
It is both warm and damp,
the Summer Solstice so close
that our clammy hands almost

Light dims and dims more.
Rusty-breasted sabiás call
for day’s stop.
“Time best to quit,”
they chime in song,
as cambacicas tweeter and twit
and hop along leafy limbs.

Crickets chirp, frogs, too.
The dusky hue of the thicket green
darkles to black,
while the vespertine Nicotiana,
whose purple velveteen petals unfold
unmatched in their beauty untold
but by only their fragrance,
begs the nocturnal hawkthorn moth
to feed.

As do the mosquitoes of a fever breed
that buzz all aloud
at my eyes and my ear tips
and swell about my face in a cloud
nipping at me, sipping of me
with the stinging ferocity
of red-bellied piranhas
upon flesh in a river of bloodlet

I dash hurriedly
to the safety of the house
and leave the twilight beauty
to the beasts.

Author’s edit note: I corrected the name of the flower in the 3rd stanza which I had copied over wrong in early revisions. The Nicotiana is a night flowering ornamental tobacco plant that grows in my garden and smells of a jasmine scent, seen in the background of the photo. ~ Jason

Also: I am attempting something new– I’ve found an OpenLink Poetry blog dversepoets here on WordPress– this will be my first submission into any type of poetry discussion group! Wish me luck! ~ Jason


21 thoughts on “Ah, Vesperal Beauty

  1. ha this takes quite the turn…you had me reveling in the beauty of the moment, the unfurling flowers and all the sounds of the garden and then my face began to sting and i was running for cover as well…smiles.

  2. I always plant nicotiana just below my bedroom window so I can breathe its scent during the night. And I have been chased inside on many a night by mosquito beasts! Great write!

  3. I enjoyed this a lot. I don’t know if this was your intention, but I felt the urge to laugh in those last few stanzas. I remember my first time camping out when I was a little boy and couldn’t help but relate to the persona in that regard.

    Jason, it has been a treat glimpsing the world around you through your words and photos.

    Happy New Year to you, my friend! 🙂

    • Yes! It was my first attempt at humor, albeit understated. I envisioned a David Attenborough-type protagonist who diligently tries to describe the natural beauty around him– yet is confounded by the very nature that he adores, from beauty to beasts.

      Thanks so much for following my blog– your comments and feedback have been invaluable to my growth. May the upcoming year be prolific for us both (and successful, too!) ~ J

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