Fractured: Of this, we are

Of this, dawn’s primal mist
where pristine waters run far
an effervescent essence lit
by kiss of the distant sun
we are –captured in an instant
born of silt and stone

Built of blood and bone
we are fractured– and choked
as we drill and we spill
and suffocate on its distillate
in an endless frenzy of
of butylated mutilation

And with oil-slicked seas afire
about the knees of our
dire existence, we are
defiled by disease that rakes
our bodies and souls until
blackness takes hold–

Of this, we cease to be.


4 thoughts on “Fractured: Of this, we are

  1. Hi Jason – sorry it took me so long to get to you; you kindly commented on my blog, The Poet Treehouse after I wrote about declining a poetry prize awhile back and I didn’t realize it until just today … Intrigued, I came to your blog and am so glad I did as it’s lovely. I do like what you are doing especially with your poetry and photos … am particularly taken with your “Critical Breakdown” series, but think most of your work has real merit. Thanks for stopping by and commenting; I appreciate it.

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