Round rigid mount I’d scaled
apace off-beaten trail where
I’d found within
this peculiar place
a bluff of jutted stone

Atop its rough I sit alone
my feet aswing
I eat the fruit of tangerine
and cast its seeds
to the vast ravine below.

Closer to the edge I slip
as citrus lingers sticky-sweet
with drips of salted sweat
‘pon my lips and fingers wet
and dribbles on my chin

as heat of high-noon sun
batters hard on my unclad skin
therein I seek the heavens clear
and off the peak I plunge

By Jason Weaver

Authors’ Note: at dVerse today, weโ€™re writing descriptive poems in which we use images to describe a feeling, a truth, a person, using primarily surroundings.. in other words.. imagist poems that have an embedded message..Check it out!

21 thoughts on “Tangerine

    • Yay! I’m so excited that you like it! Writing is never easy for me, but this one was just fun! And the photo was one of those terrific spontaneous moments in life. The entire experience was that way.

      I had debated a Critical Breakdown on Tangerine. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to create an adults-only page on the blog! hahaha

      Thanks again, Rigel. I’ve to catch up on you’re latest pieces now that I’m back writing more regularly ๐Ÿ™‚ ~ J

  1. interesting plunge there on the end…have sat a few mountain tops like that….its a wonderful feeling up there…and ornages i love them…we had a tree when we lived in florida so ate them fresh off the tree….mmmm….ha, not a bad edge to slip over alluded too…really cool flow in this….

  2. I’m of course assuming the jump harmless…but as I reread I’m not sure I can….there is water below?….safe……for me it must be, I feel nothing ominous here.

    • This piece is soo not ominous, although where I wrote it/took the photo is nothing but a valley gorge below. Besides some other metaphorical subtexts, this piece represents letting go, freedom, flying. and the ultimage indulgence of fantasy. At least that’s what I felt when I wrote it. So glad you commented! Thanks much ~ peace, Jason

  3. …Super cool write… It has an easy flow all throughout the entire read…and perfect subject used for meditation…the end result was very effective that i’d love to read this now & again and again and again… your descriptions are too tangible & succulent for one not to like this…excellent…smiles…

    • Wow, what awesome feedback. I’m super stoked that it has that effect on people. I really loved writing it– and I have such a wonderful memory of the day in the mountain that this was written of. Thanks again for your comment– you made my night. ~peace, Jason

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