Round rigid mount I’d scaled
apace off-beaten trail where
I’d found within
this peculiar place
a bluff of jutted stone

Atop its rough I sit alone
my feet aswing
I eat the fruit of tangerine
and cast its seeds
to the vast ravine below.

Closer to the edge I slip
as citrus lingers sticky-sweet
with drips of salted sweat
‘pon my lips and fingers wet
and dribbles on my chin

as heat of high-noon sun
batters hard on my unclad skin
therein I seek the heavens clear
and off the peak I plunge

By Jason Weaver

Authors’ Note: at dVerse today, we’re writing descriptive poems in which we use images to describe a feeling, a truth, a person, using primarily surroundings.. in other words.. imagist poems that have an embedded message..Check it out!


Of Purity

LoveMoreStudio Of PurityNubile buds
blush a supple touch
of purity
‘pon petals’ pink-flesh
a dripping wet
of promise yet
to come–
the incipit pleasure
of floriferous propagation
satisfied in climactic
of transformation
to blossom