Near peaked
ancient high-land
Omniscience cascaded and
pooled serene
sienna- jade green
in a shallow bowl
rolling conjoint a
seamless stream
of incipient

I approach
and there in bare-chested repose
eyes closed
I dip rough cupped-hands
in the current alit to drink-in
each succulent sip held to brink in
my recipient dry-lipped mouth
token to a thirst for ken

erudite prescience awaits
welling down stoned-water ways
stippled in the resplendent
panoptical perspicuity
where all that we’d ever known
and have yet to know
in perpetuity
will be elucidated
all imminent paths


10 thoughts on “Percipience

  1. Its beautiful Jason- but can’t imagine the average Joe understanding the complex vocabulary lol nontheless, stunning perception.

  2. Bravo, Jason! This was well worth the wait. I learned so many words from you today, and the journey you took me on with your poem was fantastic. I’ve fallen in love with the word “panoptical.”

    Can’t wait for your Critical Breakdown.

    • Yay! Thanks so much….”panoptical” is like, totally, one of the coolest words, like, ever!

      I figured, since I had the dictionary out while reading YOUR last post, I might as well USE it! 🙂

      Indeed, I believe a Critical Breakdown is in the works, in more than one sense.


    • Thanks so much, Leanne. YES! I do all of my own work, phototgraphy, poetry, painting…my photos and poems tend to inspire one another, as I work on them both at the same time usually. Thanks for asking! ~J

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