Polished Moon

Polished Moon

The Polished Moon
with the full of its immense
ringed luminescense
rises intense and presses upon me
a honey-scented specter
in the moonlit spectrum

I pause
aflush in ripened pleasure
rigored beams of illuminate streams
suffuce my salted-skin
in the juice of its dangling fruits
plucked loose of present
and plumped
of vigor existent
I burst

Once filled of promised possibility
pent then spilled
flow in culminant thrill
I soak in drunken glow
savoring the fine
cumulate seductions of
the Polished Moon



6 thoughts on “Polished Moon

  1. This photo has such an evocative quality… Real…substance. I have no inclination towards making photographs myself. I’ll stick to my drawing and illustrations. But when I see things like what you’ve done here, it opens windows of possibility!

    • I just love taking photos of nature– that said, I wish I had kept working harder using my artistic hands rather than fiddling with cameras, computers and such.

      It’s great to be inspired by others’ works as well as having dialogue like this. And thanks so much for the kind words! Perhaps why the photo works so well is that it simply doesn’t look like a photo?

      ~peace, Jason

    • Thanks much for the comment.

      Now that I live in the mountains rather than a city, I feel the intensity of the moon on more viscerally physical sense than I’d ever experienced prior.

      It was a great moment of awareness when I wrote the piece.

      Thanks again, Jason

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