In Spring Anticipant

The inevitable
within the veritable in-swept winds
whence change looms
in Spring
like radiant blooms
from vernal buds burst incipient
One generative thrust
of cyclic revolution
the recurrent evolution surges
and from which emerges
a transformative shift
of perceptive perspective
out of dormancy
and Age
out of infancy

This photo was inspired by and was submitted to the 52-Pick-Up Challenge at Print-Sense Photography


6 thoughts on “In Spring Anticipant

  1. Jason, this photo is stunning. It’s amazing that you can chance upon these gems so often. 🙂 And the poem is just beautiful, especially the way you brought it to a close. Awesome work!

    • Wow, I’m flabbergasted! Thank you so much for your positive comment. I struggled with both the photo and the poem– I felt like I was forcing things, but sometimes, ready or not, it is just time to put them out and move on. Your feedback has been essential for the progress in my writings. Thanks once again! :)~peace, Jason

      • It reads smoothly, Jason. 🙂 Your poems usually come in nice, terse beats, and this has a little bit of that but builds up in the middle, which is also nice, and then eases out at the end. It’s different this time, but a nice sort of different. And, your choice of words, as always, leaves me in deep thought at the end. It’s a feeling that I keep coming back to your blog for. 🙂

        • Rigel, thanks so much for the critical feedback. It happens to be positive, which is nice to hear, of course. I admire your writing a lot, and really appreciate any criticism you can offer, pro or con. It’s great to feel that you took the time to READ the work, feel the beats, and parse the meaning of the words. As always, 🙂 ~ Jason

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