Inner Sanctum


The inner sanctum
is where I gird adverse
to the ugly and the unkind
where I fortress
averse to the snares of poisoned cultures
that immerse in the putrefied
and rapt in the commercial

Within these walls is a haven
to roam amid the infinite
and profound ideas
unbound by fallacy, notions
of identity and country
free from language
and the words employed to define me
as unworthy
free from being sold and sold to
told to

Harbored in this womb
I will nourish what hunger
I once felt, the void
of original thought I will replenish
and flourish,
building a refuge to run with an abandon
never before known to me
allowed to me
and I will tend wholly
to the integrity
of the
inner sanctum


For my own limited Critical Review of the poem and photo, please click here Inner Sanctum–Critical Breakdown


6 thoughts on “Inner Sanctum

  1. This is beautiful, unique and spot on. My new favorite poet. Your an amazing writer Jason! Continued success. Big hug.

  2. I feel bad if I don’t comment on the writing, I look, but don’t know what to say, is that bad Jason. I have never really read poetry. I do like the photo though.

    • No worries! Seriously, this space is totally a worry-free zone 🙂 Just knowing that someone is interested enough to LOOK, is a great feeling. My photos are often times reflective of my emotions, but exist as stand-alone items as well. The poems help me to release the anguishes, hopes, fears, dreams…the many ruminations of life that living in the mountains has allowed me to become more in-touch with. They likely are not feelings that many other people share, but I hope that my words are accessible to all. Anyway, you’ve ‘fortified’ an idea in my head on a new approach I hope to undertake with my blog. Thanks, as always, for sharing! ~J

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