Dolor mists the damp day air
and colors fade
to shades of lonely blues;
to wade in these hues
is a game for fools
and poets
who, tempted to ledges’ edges
dip toes into pity-me pools
our souls bared and bruised
the forlorn tone
of solemness


9 thoughts on “Alone

  1. I loved these lines: “…colors fade
    to shades of lonely blues;
    to wade in these hues
    is a game for fools…”
    I’d be interested to know if you claim any specific influences on your writing.
    BTW I quoted these lines and gave you credit on my public fb page. Hope that is cool, and that more people come check out your art.

    • Glad you like! No problem on the quoting and credit 🙂 I appreciate that anyone finds my words or photos inspiring at all or just interesting. For me, I’m happy when people can connect.
      As for influences, I’d have to claim none specific, although I no doubt have had many that influenced me subconsciously. Mostly, though, I am drawing on my newfound connection to nature. Being in nature creates a state of honesty and awareness that I have never experienced prior– and in turn, I look to my own, raw inner honesty and awareness. The further inward I look for inspire, the further outward my view becomes. I’m embarrassed to say, I don’t read poetry except for now having created a blog and started following others’ work. This site here in particular has inspired me to up my game, to tighten my writing and compose with more focus.
      Thanks for the great question– I will now be thinking with greater awareness about my influences today as I write! ~ peace, Jason

      • Very cool. I’m new to blogging, and I am looking for more good writing blogs to check out. So I’ll look at moderndayepic. I like W. Whitman and J. Kerouac a lot, so I wonder about other writers…

        • Since I last replied, I have thought a lot about who some of my influences have been– for that, I want to thank you, Ammon. It is important to realize who and what inspires us. In thinking this, I know that music has played a big part in my poetry– John Denver, whose simple yet powerful words on nature and spiritual inspiration, Alanis Morisette, who writes atypical verse full of her raw emotion, Janis Ian, whose music is so often about struggle or loneliness…I will check out Walt W. and Jack K. at your suggestion. It was great to have this discussion, thanks so much!~ peace, Jason

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