A Journey Rewarded

Hiking a mountain incline
quite unforgiving
I find
a trail I’d not taken prior
of sand and dust
and call to mind
“The journey is the reward,”
and thus I scale
a bend
further I ascend the rake
hands grabbing onto
and body leaning against
a break of rocks
a bend
all concepts of distance and time
Hours? Miles?
I am unsure as I push
a bend
pulse pounding, legs burning
my sweated chest heaving
a bend
It is the journey, not the
and so forward I rise
in my eyes blazing sun
I cannot go on
any further but
just one more step
just one more bend
and then
ahead, a clearing
as slope gives way to blue sky
on trembling legs I arrive
a destination so grand bestowed
upon me
fresh wind on skin
from the valley green blown
upon me
as I am overcome
at the completion
of a journey


4 thoughts on “A Journey Rewarded

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    • Yes! Thank you for linking that. I am still very new to the blogoshere and am trying to figure out how to best manage the look, feel, and intentions of my posts in relation to the whole. BTW, thanks again for the task, I’ll be working on the latest!~ Jason

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